Every Night I'm Yours (Christie Kelley)
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Every Night I'm Yours (Christie Kelley)

Every Night I'm Yours (Christie Kelley)
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Model: Paperback, Anglický jazyk

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A woman who wants to know what she-s been missing... A man perfectly suited to train her: Christie Kelley weaves a scintillating novel of one rapturous night of ecstasy... 

A Woman Yearning For A Taste Of The Forbidden... 

At twenty-six, aspiring novelist Avis Copley intends to wear spinsterhood as a badge of honor. But when she discovers a volume of erotica that ignites a searing fire within her, Avis realizes just how much she doesn't know about the actual pleasures of the flesh. Determined to learn more, she devises a daring plan... 

A Man Ready To Teach Her Much, Much More... 

Avis chooses Emory Billingsworth, a fellow novelist - not to mention a beautiful specimen of manhood; to instruct her in carnal pleasure. But when the brash earl of Selby, Banning Talbot, a man she has known for years, unearths Avis' true intentions, he claims she's made a dangerously bad choice. Volunteering his services for one wicked night of reckless, abandoned passion, Banning promises he will satisfy all of her deepest longings. Yet Banning cannot begin to imagine the effect his willful, voluptuous, and very eager student will have on him - or how far an innocent lesson in desire can go...

352 pages

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