Prince Caspian - Audiobook (C.S. Lewis)
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Prince Caspian - Audiobook (C.S. Lewis)

Prince Caspian - Audiobook (C.S. Lewis)
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The book "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" is based on four kids who come back to the magical place. In this story, four kids,Edmund, Peter, Lucy, and Susan, come back to the magical city where they were once Kings and Queens. They were brought back there by magic in the train station on their way back to school. They try to figure out where they are. As they walk through an old castle, they finally discover that they are in Narnia. They recall that they were Kings and Queens. They take their weapons that were given by the Christmas spirit in the beginning. The kids were brought back by the Lucy's horn that Prince Caspian blew. He needed their help to stop his evil uncle. Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan rescue a dwarf and he tells them the story of Caspian. The Dwarf tell them to go help Caspian from danger and to stop his uncle. Caspian is attacked by Aslan's hounds and sent to prison. Peter and Edmund rescue him from the castle. Caspian tells them they have to help him fight in a battle with his uncle...

Performed by Lynn Redgrave

4 CDs

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