Quiver - A Book of Erotic Tales (Tobsha Learner)
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Quiver - A Book of Erotic Tales (Tobsha Learner)

Quiver - A Book of Erotic Tales (Tobsha Learner)
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Model: Paperback, Anglický jazyk

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"A deliciously horny read, inventive and sexy."

Quiver is twelve interlinked short stories that explore lust and human sexuality in all their sensual manifestations. In her first collection of erotic writing Tobsha Learner transports us into a world of love, power and obsession, often blurring the line between reality and fantasy, bringing us face-to-face with delicately observed passion and pain.

Experience the angry fearlessness of youth, the pleasure of the new, sexual friction at its most primal, and the lingering fingers of a past that refuses to let go.

Witty and provocative, Quiver explores desire in all its complexity.

283 pages

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